We have made a number of short animated films, title sequences and at least one half-hour live-action drama over the past few years. Our title sequence for BBC's Hustle drama series in 2004 was nominated for BAFTA, RTS and EMMY awards. In 2008 we revisited it for the relaunch of Hustle, and the new title sequence appeared on the cover of Design Week in Feb 2010, headlining the cover story about TV titles. More recently we have produced title sequences for Ambassadors (BBC2) and the Guardian.

Our title sequence to Ambassadors (BBC2)

A title sequence created for the Guardian to use with their video game coverage online (2013)

Hustle titles redux, created by Berger & Wyse for the revamped show in 2007. 45 secs

Bird is an animated short created for Animal Planet Italy in 2006. 2mins

Not Long Now is a Berger &Wyse animated short created for Nokia Shorts in 2004. 15 secs

The original Hustle title sequence, made by Berger & Wyse in 2004. 45 secs

Covert was our miniature spy movie for Mesh/C4, made in 2002. It won us a prize at the Stockholm International Film Festival. 3.04