Joe Berger and Pascal Wyse first met in a lift, having stormed out of meetings with their respective agents, who had failed to sell their pioneering condition-specific cookbooks (Wyse's Zimmer Gently – Recipes for the Elderly and Berger's Strain in to Bowl – Cooking to Free Yourself). Struck by this coincidence, the pair pooled their anger at the gale-force indifference of an uncaring world and  formed Berger & Wyse.

They have since produced animation and comic strips for various outlets, including Channel 4, BBC, Sky, Discovery, and the Guardian. Their title sequence to BBC1's Hustle secured Bafta, Emmy and RTS nominations, none of which were won and often involved expensive nights at award ceremonies. More recent animations include the title sequence to the BBC's Ambassadors, starring Mitchell and Webb, and various jobs for the Guardian Media Group.

Their four-panel strip The Pitchers, a portrayal of Hollywood that occasionally managed to be more stupid than Tinseltown itself, ran in the Guardian for seven years. 

Strain in to Bowl is currently being turned in to an action feature film by Panaversal Pictures, produced by Larry Goldnutz.

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