Tossed off

 It was pointed out to me (after this one appeared in the paper) that her right hand is on back to front.
Is this a rare occurrence of bad anatomical rendering, or are there others lurking in the archives? You tell us. And before you ask, godzillas do have nostrils on the end of their . . . beak things.



Devoid of eastern promise

I think this may have foxed a few people. It plays on the trope that if a chinese/indian restaurant is frequented by diners of same ethnic origin, the food is probably authentic. We struggled with it for a bit, because our original idea seemed to run the risk of appearing slightly racist. Somehow the flip-side, that if the diners weren't chinese then the food wouldn't be any good, seemed to avoid this mis-interpretation - but the joke may have been compromised slightly. Here's the original for comparison. We were probably being over-sensitive - hand-wringing Guardianistas that we are.