Grand Larsony


Cartoon jokes come in all varieties, and sometimes when coming up with ideas, we hit on one that feels like the style of joke a particular cartoonist would do - this idea is a little bit Charles Addams, that one has a bit of a Sempé vibe to it, etc. 

I can't remember if we had that conversation when we came up with the idea for Harry, but it turns out it was more than a little bit Gary Larson.

We're huge Larson fans, and had we known he'd done a similar cartoon already we would have gone straight back to the drawing board, no question - there's no satisfacation in recyling an idea that's already been conceived. But this was a cartoon neither of us was aware of until someone tweeted it this morning with the suggestion that we'd ripped Larson off. 

The great man's output was something like 5,500 cartoons, so I'm sure he'd understand that this one had slipped by the both of us!